Airbus U.S. Space & Defense, Inc. is proud to support the Navy League’s Global Maritime Exposition, Sea-Air-Space. Airbus U.S. partners with our country’s Space and Defense Community to protect our freedom, our country, and those who serve – whether at sea, in the air, on land, in space, or cyberspace. Our ability to enhance mission readiness and performance is based on innovative and advanced technologies that are developed, operational, and proven in the most demanding national security environments.

April 4-6, 2022Sea-Air-SpaceNational Harbor, MD

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HC-144 Ocean Sentry

The HC-144 Ocean Sentry is a force multiplier for the U.S. Coast Guard, significantly increasing the value and mission effectiveness of its surface vessels. With its long range and persistent loiter times, the Ocean Sentry provides Coast Guard cutters eyes over the horizon, given them the ability to monitor and respond to evolving situations en route.  This increased situational awareness is critical for meeting the Coast Guard’s broad set of responsibilities which can range from search and rescue to drug interdiction on a single mission.

MH-65 Dauphin

The U.S. Coast Guard has the largest Airbus Helicopter fleet in government service today, flying 101 MH-65 Dauphin multi-mission helicopters based at 18 Coast Guard Air Stations throughout the continental United States, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The traditional role of this twin-engine aircraft – which is a version of the AS365 N3+ – has been patrol missions and search and rescue flights. Its duties have subsequently been expanded to include the use of armed Dauphin versions for the protection of the U.S. Capital and for the interception/interdiction of vessels at sea, including the famous HITRON mission.  Search and rescue remains one of the key duties for the MH-65 fleet. Dauphins were used extensively in lifesaving operations after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, and Hurricanes Harvey and Maria in 2017. These aircraft are routinely deployed on missions from sea level to high-altitude mountainous terrain.

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The first stratospheric UAS of its kind, Zephyr provides a persistent and adaptable solution, unlike other unmanned aircraft.  Zephyr is the most proven prototype for multiple-month-long persistent C4ISR capability from the stratosphere.  It has proven performance, holding the world record for 25+ days of flight in the stratosphere while flying at 70,000 ft above weather and conventional air traffic. It is the only HAPS to have demonstrated day/night longevity in the stratosphere.

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Tactilon® Agnet

Airbus Tactilon Agnet Secure Instant Communications for Mission-Critical Users. Airbus MCPTT Tactilon Agnet is the only mission-critical solution that is flexible enough to meet the group communication needs of organizations with dynamically shifting teams. It is a collaboration platform that supports first responders and public safety professionals by combining reliability and security with flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently . Adopt the strong group collaboration solution that easily integrates smart devices and applications into your operational procedures, and with your existing communications infrastructure. Airbus experts will accompany you through all the crucial phases – Planning, Deployment, Transfer and Running – of your project.

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