Airbus U.S. Space & Defense, Inc. is proud to showcase our cutting-edge capabilities at Satellite 2022. We are passionate about innovation – from flexible payloads, fully reconfigurable satellites and series production satellites, to human spaceflight missions. All of our technologies are available today to help the U.S. enable humankind to take its next strides.

March 21-24, 2022SATELLITE 2022Washington, DCBooth #1501

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ARROW Satellite

The ARROW satellite bus is Airbus’ answer to an innovative, responsive, versatile and affordable platform for high-performance space applications. The ARROW satellite platform can serve many missions, including high data-rate low latency communications, collection and tracking of radio frequency sensing data, Earth observation with a high revisit, machine to machine communications, internet of things research, as well as in-orbit technology demonstration missions.

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Small Satellite Manufacturing

In 2016, OneWeb and Airbus formed a Joint Venture, Airbus OneWeb Satellites (AOS), to manufacture small satellites in mass quantities for both OneWeb and multiple Airbus customers, leveraging Airbus’ long standing heritage in satellite manufacturing.

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The Bartolomeo platform, attached to the European Columbus Module of the International Space Station (ISS), is the station’s newest payload hosting platform. Starting from payload sizes as small as 3U, Airbus hosts payloads on Bartolomeo as an all-in-one mission service: this includes technical support in preparing the payload, launch and installation, operations and data transfer as well as an optional return to Earth.

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Ranger Flyaway Terminals

For lightweight construction and fast deployment, Ranger flyaway terminals are the premier satcom solution. Every Ranger incorporates light, durable components and is expertly designed for easy assembly, operation and maintenance. You can count on Ranger terminals to consistently deliver high-quality remote field communications to further your mission's success.

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Airbus RCT 4.0M

The Airbus Rapid Capability Terminal (RCT) 4.0M is a gateway class SATCOM terminal that deploys quickly and provides a high data rate. The carbon-fiber antenna and proprietary pedestal can be easily assembled by two operators. The Airbus RCT is lightweight with maximum stiffness, yet offers compact and highly robust components.

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