Airbus U.S. is excited to participate in AUSA 2021. Our multi-domain, transformational solutions from surface to space, like the ZEPHYR High Altitude Pseudo Satellite, our Laser Communications, the new UH-72B Lakota helicopter, our Ranger SATCOM Terminals, and other leading capabilities, enable the Army to achieve mission success. We are proud to share our cutting-edge capabilities and advanced defense solutions, available today to help the U.S. Army modernize, increase soldier lethality, and protect our Troops in battle tomorrow.

October 11-13, 2021AUSA 2021Washington, D.C.Booth #2439

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UH-72B Lakota

The UH-72B is based on the widely successful H145, which incorporates various product improvements that have been developed during the lifecycle of the commercial aircraft. The efficient Fenestron tail rotor, more powerful engines, enhanced controls and the Airbus Helionix avionics suite, to name a few, will provide added benefits for mission safety and flight performance. With more than nine configurations available, the Lakota delivers proven performance, outstanding operational reliability, and unmatched versatility for a broad spectrum of military missions.All Lakota variants are built at the company’s production facility in Columbus, Mississippi, which employs a workforce that is made up of 40% veterans.


Zephyr is the world’s leading solar powered fixed-wing High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Zephyr is the only solar powered fixed-wing HAPS UAS on the market that has been to the stratosphere multiple times and has remained there for nearly 26 days. Zephyr is an ideal solution for enhancing targeting for Long Range Precision Fires, augmenting resilient NETWORK operations and supporting Air and Missile Defense. Zephyr’s industry leading achievements in the stratosphere and Airbus US' roadmap for future Zephyr success provide our customers the lowest-risk, lowest cost, and most direct means to operationalize the stratosphere.

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Ranger Flyaway Terminals

For lightweight construction and fast deployment, Ranger flyaway terminals are the premier satcom solution. Every Ranger incorporates light, durable components and is expertly designed for easy assembly, operation and maintenance. You can count on Ranger terminals to consistently deliver high-quality remote field communications to further your mission’s success.

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Space-based Synthetic Aperture Radar and Automatic Target Recognition (SAR/ATR)

Airbus U.S. provides industry leading Space-based Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) capabilities that are readily available  for the U.S. Army. Today, Airbus U.S. is providing an enhanced operational picture to enable multi-domain operations in Indo-Pacific Command Theater of operations.  Airbus U.S. SAR capabilities include Imagery/Data, Surface Movement Monitoring, Change Detection, Vessel Detection, elevation models and non-GPS navigation Ground Control Points.

ARROW Small Satellite Platform for LEO Constellations

The ARROW satellite bus is Airbus’ innovative, responsive, versatile and affordable platform for high-performance space applications. The ARROW satellite platform can serve many missions, including high data-rate low latency communications, collection and tracking of radio frequency sensing data, Earth observation with a high revisit, machine to machine communications, internet of things research, as well as in-orbit technology demonstration missions.

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Tactilon® Agnet

Tactilon® Agnet’s mission-critical services give professional smartphone users reliable access to voice, video, multimedia, files, location information, and instant sharing with a defined group of people at the push of a button. Tactilon® Agnet brings secure group communication to smart devices on 3GPP broadband services on a commercial or private 4G/5G platform and support Wifi connectivity. With Tactilon® Agnet, smart device users become part of the professional world – voice, data, video and location services are all at hand with the reliability and security that professional users expect, with a high level of encryption (AES 256).

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Proteus Unity

Beyond line of sight, high data rate communications have been an aspiration in the aeronautical world of rotor blades and propellers. As the rotor blades turn, they effectively disrupt and block the communications path resulting in degradation of signal and loss of data. In order to ensure communications are continuous and uninterrupted, Proteus Unity is able to sense the communication path and adapt to what it sees, maintaining reliable and efficient communications at all times.

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Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul (MRO)

The Airbus U.S. maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) business is located at Mobile Regional Airport in Alabama. Airbus D.S. Military Aircraft, Inc., is a FAR 145 and EASA 145.6332 certified MRO facility that provides critical customer support for global C212 operators, and US CN235 and C295 operators. Airbus' in-house services include MRO, engineering and technical support services, training, component repair services, and materials support.

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