We are proud to share our instant, mission-critical communications available today to help our American firefighters and policemen, critical airport assignments, and ever-changing US military projects to create a safer and more efficient, interconnected world.

September 27-30IWCE 2021Las Vegas, NevadaBooth #276

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Tactilon Agnet
Tactilon Agnet

Tactilon® Agnet

Tactilon® Agnet’s mission-critical services give professional smartphone users reliable access to voice, video, multimedia, files, location information, and instant sharing with a defined group of people at the push of a button. Tactilon® Agnet brings secure group communication to smart devices on 3GPP broadband services on a commercial or private 4G/5G platform and support Wifi connectivity. With Tactilon® Agnet, smart device users become part of the professional world – voice, data, video and location services are all at hand with the reliability and security that professional users expect, with a high level of encryption (AES 256).

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IWCE Public Safety

Public Safety

Police and other public safety professionals use Tactilon Agnet for themselves and for the people they protect and serve. Tactilon Agnet combines reliability and security with the flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently.
  • Connect organizations and users.
  • Track vehicles and people.
  • Assign tasks and alert everyone in an emergency.
  • Extend coverage as needed.
  • Improve personnel safety.
  • Give teams the most modern communication tools

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IWCE Public Safety
IWCE Airports

Smart Airport

Tactilon Agnet gives instant communications to passengers, airlines, airport security, check- in facilities, baggage handling, passport control, gates, ground handlers, authorities, and airport management. Agnet allows them to cooperate seamlessly to optimize operations. Aircraft turnaround time can be minimized while maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • Monitor automated processes for ground handling and aircraft maintenance.
  • Provide safety guarantees supported by dynamic alerting and telemetry.
  • Organize role and task-based groups dynamically, for example, according to flight number.
  • Integrate with security systems such as CCTV and AI analytics.
  • Co-operate seamlessly with public safety agencies and public transport providers.

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Agnet energy

Energy industry

Smart energy companies are looking for ways to include smart device users in professional operations – in a secure, controlled way. It is also important that teams and functions can connect seamlessly whether team members are carrying a digital radio, an analogue radio or a smartphone. Choose the Tactilon Agnet team collaboration solution and your company can also have interoperability with a variety of radio communication networks.

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Agnet energy
Agnet security

Crisis Management

When the communication is critical for the fulfillment of duty, a reliable and built to need system is essential. Benefits of our TETRA+LTE network and the way it is built and operated support your operational needs.
  • The network can be expanded or reduced at will, while maintaining full operability.
  • Essential equipment can be transported anywhere and deployed quickly and with minimal personnel.
  • Secure networks from Airbus offer long term reliability and upgradability for decades.

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