A group of twelve Summer Interns 2023 are seated in a virtual background resembling a UNSC spaceship interior from the Halo video game series. Each person appears to be smiling or looking at the camera, positioned in a grid-like arrangement.

July 27, 2023

Summer Interns 2023

A group of twelve Summer Interns 2023 are seated in a virtual background resembling a UNSC spaceship interior from the Halo video game series. Each person appears to be smiling or looking at the camera, positioned in a grid-like arrangement.

July 27, 2023

Summer Interns 2023

Matthew Rogers: 

Matthew Rogers is this summer’s Bids & Proposals intern. Currently enrolled at George Mason University working on a Master’s in History, Matthew is looking forward to graduating soon after he tackles exciting new projects during his internship experience.  

Matthew’s main internship objective is to streamline the Bids & Proposals process by creating training PowerPoints, proposals templates, and how-to guides.  Matthew appreciates learning more about the Bids & Proposals process, as well as the overall landscape of the industry. “I choose Airbus U.S because of the fantastic opportunity it gave me to see multiple lines of business across the Space and Defense industry,” he said. “I wanted to be a part of the fast-growing company that wants people to grow with it.”  

When asked about his day-to-day experience, Matthew credits the team around him for their willingness to answer any questions that may come up. “What I love most about my experience at Airbus U.S so far is the camaraderie and willingness to help others learn and succeed,” he added.   

Jeffery Grow: 

Jeffery Grow joins the team as an Electrical Engineering Intern this summer. Currently a rising senior at the University of Virginia, he is majoring in both electrical and computer engineering.   

Jeffery is currently working on hardware development and providing support for the electrical engineering team. “I hope to gain a deeper insight into the hardware development process that is used in the industry since I have only had exposure to this work in my courses at school,” he said. Jeffery is a returning intern who “had a great time working with the team here. I wanted to come back to see what else I could learn, and I like how approachable people are here,” Jeffery explained.   

Jeffery said he appreciates how the company provides a welcoming experience for interns to learn more about the company and industry. “I never have to worry about bothering anyone with questions since everyone is nice and doesn’t mind answering questions for interns,” he said.  

Jeffery’s favorite experience at Airbus U.S has been attending the 2023 Spaceball, an event for individuals working in the aerospace industry to network and learn more about current Space issues. “Attending Spaceball with the other Arlington interns and meeting other members of the aerospace industry at a baseball game has been the highlight of my internship so far. It was great to interact with everyone in such a casual setting and learn about what they do,” he added.   

Mason Leppa: 

Mason Leppa, a rising senior at George Mason University, is the Finance & Accounting intern this summer.   

Mason is currently supporting the finance team as it goes through an annual review of its standard operating procedures, financial records and accounting. As an intern, he is looking to learn more about how companies conduct internal financial operations, and how the finance and treasury departments interact with other departments within the company. “I hope to achieve and hone an array of skills like financial reporting, accounting, financial projections, and the mastery of financial software applications,” he added.  

Mason is also looking to capitalize on the opportunity the internship program offers to network with people within the industry, “The main highlight thus far was getting to meet others in my department, as well as connecting with other interns in the company. I also aim to expand my professional network that can help me with my future career,” he said.   

Overall, Mason says he is very excited to apply what he has learned in school to his work in a professional environment. He credits Airbus U.S Space & Defense for its flexibility and support as he further expands into his career. “I like the positive work environment, great company culture, and hybrid work schedule, all which make my first office-like job much easier to adjust to,” Mason said. 

Matt Schreiber: 

Matt Schreiber is this summer’s Business and Program Operations intern. He is a rising senior at Bates College and is majoring in Physics.  

This summer, Matt is supporting the Business Development team to expand and define the ARROW 450 product line, explaining that his “goals are to help build out and define the product line for future new business and to personally identify which career path I want to go down post-graduation.” Matt appreciates the way his internship experience is set up to encourage him to ask questions and learn more about Programs Ops, as well as allowing him to narrow down his future career plans.  

Matt reiterates the company’s culture that values interacting with industry experts and peers alike, “my biggest highlight has been being able to meet with tons of peers in varying disciplines. I choose Airbus U.S because the “start-up-like” culture provides a unique experience compared to other major aerospace companies.” 

Matt says he really appreciates the way he can dive into a diversity of different projects with ease, “I have enjoyed the wide breadth of experience I have acquired and the different disciplines I have been able to explore.” 

Abrahim Karzai: 

Abrahim Karzai is the Marketing & Communications intern for this summer. He is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, with a Bachelor’s in Media & Communication Studies. 

Abrahim explains how he found out about Airbus U. S’s growing internship program and felt as if it was a great fit, “I learned how much the company promotes and encourages interns to grow and how they allow us to be a part of constructive projects.” 

Abrahim values the significance of the work he does with his supervisor and team, as he tackles key projects relating to external marketing and internal communications. “I am currently working on our monthly company-wide presentation that provides key updates on projects throughout the organization, but also spotlights various employees for their accomplishments, work anniversaries, birthdays, etc.,” he said. 

Additionally, Abrahim expressed appreciation for the welcoming presence the company brings to interns. “Throughout my internship, I value the way my supervisor and the team around me are willing to teach me new tips and tricks, and do not shy away from answering the many questions I have. I love the way that my presence here actually has an impact, and I can always rely on the people around me to help through thick and thin.”  

Megan Albright: 

Megan Albright is this summer’s Business and Program Operations intern. She is a rising senior year at Clarkson University and is majoring in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. 

Megan is currently working on analyzing and assessing risks for various Space Programs. One of her main projects for the summer is to fully automate this process. “I am creating a robust spreadsheet to track our risks in, which will be fully automated, and I will also generate PowerPoints, charts and tables.”  

Beyond her work, Megan recently had the chance to attend a NASA luncheon on the Hill. “I had the pleasure of meeting Ken Bowersox and Janet Petro and learned about all of NASA’s next steps in the space industry,” she said. 

In choosing Airbus U.S, Megan explains how it was something she always saw herself as being a part of. “The company is accomplishing amazing stuff and I wanted to be a part of that. I really like the environment at Airbus U.S. It’s a group of hardworking, ambitious and intelligent people who are also very approachable and intelligent,” she said. 

Alexandria Baca: 

Alexandria Baca is the Engineering Innovation Intern for the summer. Currently enrolled as a junior at the University of Central Florida, Alexandria was matched with Airbus U.S via the Brooke Owens Fellowship, which aims to provide career opportunities for aspiring undergrad women who are seeking to grow in the space and aviation industry. 

As a current Aerospace Engineering major, Alexandria explains how she has enjoyed applying her education to her work and has taken the opportunity to work on some constructive engineering projects this summer using software programs, stating “I hope to achieve a stronger foundation in this and other various aspects of systems engineering.” 

While Alexandria’s internship experience has been virtual for the most part, she says this has not hindered her ability to reach out and speak with different members of the engineering team. “The highlight of my experience thus far has been able to meet and converse with fellow employees that come from intriguing backgrounds and openly share valuable knowledge. I like that I can reach out and connect with various teams to inquire about their work, learn, and foster connections,” she said. 

Mahmoud Elhenawy:    

Mahmoud Elhenawy joins the team as this summer’s Software Engineering Intern. He is a recent graduate from SUNY Oswego and majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  

Currently, Mahmoud is working on integrating products with new software, “I am happy to gain some hands-on experience and jump start my career with working on real projects,” he said. He is also learning about code and how to write code that will be used on real projects and said he is excited by the opportunities he has had during his internship.   

Mahmoud has enjoyed the camaraderie in the company and the helpfulness shown to interns, stating that he “loves the company culture, the feedback and guidance I’m receiving from all the experienced professionals is definitely helping me grow.”

Eric Kim: 

Eric Kim, a rising senior at the University of Texas at Arlington majoring in Aerospace Engineering, is this summer’s Military Programs intern in the Contract Logistics Support (CLS) department. 

Eric is thrilled to be applying his educational knowledge to a professional environment and is currently assisting with responding to requests for information (RFI) and request for proposals (RFP) for the Lakota (UH-72B) program. “I have only learned things in a classroom setting so it’s amazing to have the chance to learn things in the real situation, as there are things that I would have never experienced unless I got this internship,” he said. 

Eric’s team is playing a key role in his internship. “I have come across so many welcoming people while working, from my manager, the experienced employees, the new employees, previous interns, and my fellow interns, they all have told me how great it is to work for Airbus U.S., and I am experiencing that firsthand,” Eric said.  

Eric chose Airbus U.S. as it is one of the fastest growing aerospace companies in the U.S., “with their reach in multiple aspects in the industry such as space systems, aircraft, and helicopters.” Throughout his internship he has been able to learn about the multiple line of business within the company, stating “it’s been great to learn about all the different aspects, not just engineering, but also the business and the proposal sides of the company.” 

Andrew Pierre-Antoine: 

Andrew Pierre-Antoine, a sophomore at Embry-Riddle University majoring in engineering, is this summer’s engineering intern for the Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations (ATLO) department. Andrew found his connection with Airbus U.S Space & Defense via the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship, which aims to provide aspiring Black students seeking career connections in the aerospace industry.  

Currently working on providing support for a satellite launch campaign, Andrew aspires to grow as an engineer, stating he “hopes to get a taste of the engineering industry and have enjoyed my experience thus far.” 

Andrew credits the way the internship program ensures networking opportunities are available, even in a virtual setting. “The highlight of my experience so far has been meeting with my other fellow interns and sharing a few of the things that we all share in our different experiences. I have enjoyed my experience thus far and I hope to continue to grow as an engineer.” 

Katelynn Moen: 

Katelynn Moen is a rising senior from the University of Washington and this summer’s Mechanical Engineering Intern. Katelynn is mainly operating with various projects relating to the Arrow 450.  

Katelynn is taking advantage of the company’s emphasis on networking and learning from those who have been in the industry for a long time, “I’m hoping to gain more industry experience, grow my engineering skillset, and meet and connect with new people this summer,” she said. 

In her relocation to the D.C area, Katelynn mentions how the company has been extremely helpful, “I relocated to the east coast from the west coast and having a supportive and welcoming environment made the transition a lot easier.” 

When her search for a potential internship began, Katelynn realized this opportunity with Airbus U.S was something that she could not pass up, “Airbus U.S aligns with my interests and what I want to do in the future. This, combined with the chance to move to a new place, made it the perfect opportunity. From my experience thus far, I know I made a great choice,” said Katelynn.